Tulsa’s Best High Tea is Just Around the Corner

Nibbles Cafe by Grandeur AffairesJust imagine, scones warm from the oven, dripping with rich clotted cream, puffed pastry filled with fruit, and a cup of delicious tea. Where would you go for a feast like that?

You could go to a traditional tea shop in London or take a stroll south on Memorial Drive to Nibbles Cafe. It’s only minutes away from your one-bedroom apartment in South Tulsa, instead of miles across the Atlantic.

Nibbles Cafe is the retail outlet for Grandeur Affaires, one of the city’s finest caterers. You can enjoy some of the delectable treats you would expect to find at Tulsa’s finest formal events. Adults can enjoy the full menu for only $19.95 per person. Children are welcome at a reduced rate, depending upon age.

Nibbles also serves a full menu for breakfast and lunch, including delicious sandwiches and wraps and specialty baked potatoes.

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Image courtesy of Nibbles Cafe by Grandeur Affaires

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